Past Somerhill BFL Herdsires
Blacklock River John - imported from Nova Scotia
Bayshore Noah- our first BFL
This is the ram that started it all!
Bayshore Noah in fleece
Somerhill Edinborough (Earl) AI
son of Gwestydd Jamie
Cutler of Morlea  AI
son of Morlea Ebony Boy
Beechtree Prestwick
Beeston Loyalty line
Somerhill Halkirk AI
son of Rossiebank Laird
Somerhill Lanark AI
son of Carryhouse R1
Beeston Loyalty lines
Somerhill Larkhall AI
son of Carryhouse R1
Somerhill Huntley of Morlea
Gwestydd Jamie and
Morlea Ebony Boy lines
Somerhill Jedburgh
Gwestydd Jamie lines
Somerhill Nethy Bridge
Barlaes Titus, Carryhouse R1, Loyalty, Jamie lines
Somerhill Lockerbie AI
son of Barlaes Titus, Gwestydd Jamie lines
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