Somerhill Bluefaced Leicesters
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Our Rams
Some historical pictures of interest.   The Firth ewes came from David Firth in Nova Scotia.  
Our first BFL ewes were Blacklock Marty and Nova.  They came from Bruce Blacklock in River John, Nova  Scotia,
and were purchased in 1995.    The lambs in the pictures below are all sired by Blacklock River John,
and were born in 1997.  They represent our second lambing.
Firth 001C and son, Somerhill Aviemore
Firth 353E and Somerhill Pearl
Firth 018C
Firth 365E and
Somerhill Belle
Firth 514C"Fern" and
son, Somerhill Aberdeen
Bayshore Noah, purchased in 1991
Noah, in fleece
Blacklock River John
Somerhill is one of the founding flocks of BFL in the US.  We bought our first ram in 1991, and promptly
fell in love with the breed.  Finally in 1995, we were able to locate and purchase 2 ewes and a ram lamb
and had them brought into the US from the Blacklock flock in Nova Scotia.  The following year, 12 more ewes and a ram arrived when the Firth flock was dispersed.
In 2000, we did our first AI, using semen from
Gwystedd Jamie, Rossiebank Laird, and Beeston Loyalty; all UK rams.  At the time, there were fewer than 100 BFLs in the US.  Since then, we've also done AI using semen from Barlaes Titus and Carryhouse R1. 
We are expecting lambs this spring from a Welsh ram from the Llwygy flock, 1706/X1 E+.

The Bluefaced Leicester is used to produce
the "mule", a commercial ewe which excels
at raising multiple lambs in a grass-based system. The BFL could be called "the great improver"; adding prolificacy, milking and mothering ability, length of loin, and rate of growth to their offspring. And the wool! Long, lustrous, luxurious......and extremely soft and silky to the touch. With the length and lustre of the longwool, yet the fineness
of merino, BFL is the premier fiber for handspinners, and much sought after.
Check our blog page for pictures of our NEW Llwygy X1 E+ lambs. 
These are the only lambs from one of the top performing Welsh rams
which will  be born in the US.